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Air may also leak from the end of the three way at the adjuster end (nearest the muzzle) and from the threaded end (nearest the grip frame). If tweaking the timing rod slightly forwards or slightly back doesn't affect the leak in any way (either stopping it, or increasing it, or getting rid of it) then we can move on to something else.

A leak along the three way shaft coming out at either end means the o-ring on the end that is leaking is bad (this is only true if the timing is correct as above, if your timing is wrong adjust it to be correct and then check again). For a hinge frame set up a leak here means either the middle three way o-ring is bad, or the RAM piston o-ring is bad, or the ram piston seal to shaft is bad. With a hinge frame If it goes to the front vent hole it is either the middle three way o-ring or the ram (more on that shortly).

2) When the trigger is pulled and the bolt goes back does the leak stay? 3) So if the above issues doesn't fix it for a gun using a hinge frame and the leak moved from the front to the back of the three way and wasn't fixed by swapping the middle shaft o-ring (and the gun is timed moderately) then it's for certain in the ram. The second is between the piston head and the ram shaft which is installed and sealed permanently at the factory.

There are two places in the ram that can cause "blowby" and a leak at the three way that have nothing to do with the three way. It shouldn't be that, but it has happened in the past.

An illustration of this can be found at the following link and below (click the image twice for a high resolution version). Many times a leaking barb or hose can jet air sideways making you think the leak is from somewhere it is not.

I recommend using a small spray bottle filled with water.

If a barb is leaking where it connects via it's thread remove the hose, remove the barb and re-install with a good thread sealer, I recommend Loctite 545. If you do not have enough slack or it still leaks you may need new hose.

This must be allowed to dry for 24 hours before being pressurized. Inception Designs has a kit with new hose and hose locks that help keep the hose in place and cleans up the look at the ends of the cut hoses.

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You need a high enough LPR pressure to make sure the o-rings seat and seal up.Initially I would try replacing the piston o-ring and using dow 33 grease.We do run all o-rings to be very light fits as compared to industrial standards, so if that doesn't work use dow 55 grease and leave it overnight before airing it up.Our advice may work with other manufacturers components but we don?

t guarantee it and suggest you contact them if you have any specific issues or questions relating to their parts.

There are some very important steps to take to help diagnose pneumatic leaks.

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